June 29, 2015

Interview: Fair Play - fantasy fairs inspired by games

Rubilyn (left) visits Kaleidos Hope (right) at the upcoming Fair Play: El Mundo fair

Fair Play is a new fantasy fair event hitting the grid. Now one could think "Please, not another one" but this fair has special peculiarities. Not only the fairs are permanent - no stress for designers nor customers! - but the inspiration by games allows a design you won't find elsewhere. On July 1st, Fair Play: El Mundo will open its doors. I took my chance for a visit and a little interview beforehand!

El Mundo is the name of an ancient board game of the 13th century. Four players decide in favor of one season and one element. The realization of this game for Fair Play appears in four season landscapes, framed by four considerable temples and guarding angels. 
It can't be overseen: for each season, even the animals have been picked carefully

Kaleidos Hope (kaleidos.resident), owner and creator of Fair Play, explains: "Many fantasy fairs have impressed me a lot, I even became a sort of a fair-junky! Over time, the idea began to grow to create my own fantasy-related fair. In the beginning, it was just an intellectual game. But then I caught myself building my first fair draft and just couldn't let loose anymore. As a passionate supporter of games who adores roleplays as much as board and strategy games, I knew already that I'd wanted a fair inspired by games. When I created Linopolis, I was not happy with the result yet. I did a lot of research on the internet and finally found El Mundo. The theme of this game fascinated me immediately, and the composition of the board included everything I was looking for since I strived to find a fair design which allows customers a clear and concerted overview of all creators and their products as soon as they arrive at the landing point."

This ancient game was the inspiration for the fair

By zooming out, the whole game board design can be clearly seen in all its beauty

At a first glance from above, it is immediately obvious how much love to details Kaleidos Hope put in the visual structure of Fair Play: El Mundo. The board game was built by herself. Asked about the decoration, she admits laughing: "I doubt that I was good in designing plants, trees and animals! I prefer to leave that to all those other awesome designers in SL. My designs have been celtic necklaces and pendants so far, and the positive reactions about these creations were a huge motivation for me to not give up whenever I came to a point where I doubted my skills to build the fair design. I tried to think of it as a huge gem and was exuberantly happy when people complimented me on the results." 

Harmony in colors, flora and fauna. A place to relax.

Will we see new fair designs soon? "Actually, I have quite a few ideas in my mind already. But for now, I'm looking forward to the start of Fair Play: El Mundo and I would be delighted if it brings as much joy to all customers and creators as it has given to me so far. It's not just the fair design, it's the whole atmosphere in the team that makes me all exciting for the start. I found wonderful creators and enthusiastic bloggers who have supported me a lot to make the impossible possible. I am so proud and happy!"

Indeed, this fair has a special spirit. It is about playing fair, being a community, admiring creativity, living the most fantastic ideas and enjoying all things nice. Guiding ideas we also find in the philosophy of SL as well. Something I was always fascinated with in SL is, whenever people are able to express what SL is meant to be. Your world, your imagination. I would go even further and say: SL is about fair play. Fair Play is about SL. Please feel welcome to visit, explore, enjoy and shop. May the spirit of Fair Play: El Mundo be an inspiration for your daily SL!

Participating designers as of date:
SPRING: Le Forme, Persefona, Lybra, Rivendale, heartistic, Belle Epoque, Velvet Whip,
SUMMER: QE Designs, Rag Dollz, EarthStones, Kitty's Meanderings, OtherSkin, Independent Objects, DoggMata
AUTUMN: BMe, Mistique, Vengeful Threads, House Of Rfyre, Plastik, Jinx, ImmateriA
WINTER: Body Factory, VanLuck, Alegria, Soon, A*S, Chimeric Arts & Fashions, DirtyStories

Get more information on the official homepage and visit the event inworld!

The outfit which I was wearing during the interview contains also a creation from Kaleidos Hopes brand OtherSkin: Salvation, a brand new celtic-inspired necklace. The full version comes with an 8 gemstone colors touch menu as well as the choice of gold or silver.

HEAD: LeLutka Mesh Head Stella
HEAD APPLIER: YS&YS Like A Virgin. Tone 02 - previous My Attic @ The Deck
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands + SLink feet
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Temperance tyvm!
HAIR: Besom Verison - Saturday Sale
EYES: IKON Sovereign. Field
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies

HEADPIECE: LODE Mone. vintage lilac Gacha
NECKLACE: OtherSkin Salvation soon @ Fair Play: El Mundo *new* tyvm!
COAT: FATEplay - Summer Solstice Celebration: 50% off sale until July 5th
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