October 06, 2015

It's Autumn @ Fair Play

It is the last round for the "El Mundo" game setting at Fair Play. I am a bit sad about that since I loved that setting a lot. But at the same time, I'm totally excited to introduce you to the new one at the end of this month. Yes, I had the chance to sneak a peek already, and some others as well. I can assure you, everyone is looking forward to it! So, if you want to see "El Mundo" again before it'll be gone for good, visit Fair Play! And in case you have missed my interview with Kaleidos where she tells us on which game the "El Mundo" setting was based on, you can still read it here. Watch out for upcoming posts because, of course!, I'll give you a sneak peek of the new event location with all interesting background information about it just shortly before its doors will be officially opened for the public.

It's Autumn @ Fair Play (last round for "El Mundo" board game setting)

It's Autumn @ Fair Play (last round for "El Mundo" board game setting)
For now, Fair Play "El Mundo" is decorated a bit, and the designers bring to you offers inspired by autumn and Halloween. For this post, I chose parts of the Queen Of Autumn outfit (it comes with an additional matching flexi prim coat and mesh sleeves) by BlueMoon enterprises to get into the mood for fall, and to celebrate it royal, hehe! The halo is one of the various commons in the gacha machine of ERSCH which is also available at the event.

Have fun shopping and exploring!

HEAD: LeLutka Mesh Head Stella
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands
HEAD / BODY APPLIER: Lumae Fae - 2 - Satin // Bare
HAIR W/HORNS: Tableau Vivant Legend. Circe
EYES: IKON Triumph. Armor - free group gift / no fee
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies
EYELINER: Glam Affair Couture

HALO: ERSCH Das Schone Sterbe @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm! - Gacha
COLLAR & SHOULDER ORNAMENT / DRESS: BlueMoon enterprise Queen Of Autumn @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm!
FUR: glYph Royal Ermine. Royal/Gold tyvm!
APPLE: glYph Royal Orb. Red tyvm!
COAT: PEQE Secret Cloak. Hear Me Roar - Gacha

October 05, 2015

Interview: Totally Top Shelf

In 2014, Darkylicious von Savage (darkmatter.wizardly) took her chance on proposing an event idea to Nicii Nitely, owner of Fantasy Gacha Carnival, who offered to sponsor an event. Nicii was convinced about the concept and the name, and so the story of a today well-known and popular event began: Totally Top Shelf.

Originally, Totally Top Shelf was located on a gorean roleplay sim. But as the event began to grow, Darkylicious wanted to expanse from the focus on gorean fantasy fashion to fantasy fashion in general. They would also need a bigger location, and it was Duchess Flux who invited her to join the Ippos Community. „I thought it would be perfect. And like you mentioned the key word ‚community‘: I don’t like the way events are portrayed such as competition. Most of the same designers are in the same events across the board. Here we help each other to gain as much publicity for our designers involved. As I say to anyone here from The Secret Affair to The Fantasy Collective: If i can help any way with getting the word across to as many people as possible, I will. Here we are all like a extended family!“

The fact that a lot of designers have been with Totally Top Shelf from the start is just one proof for this statement. Like for every other project’s start, she confesses though: „It hasn’t always been easy. But I am so happy to see to what our little event has grown. It’s really the designers, the bloggers, and the buying public of Second Life who make the event what it is today.“ Today, that is one year later, and the first round after their 1-year-anniversary is about to start. And it’s also a special round because one of the most popular events of the year awaits us, Halloween.
Interview: Totally Top Shelf
„A Halloween-themed event was obvious for a round in October. So we decided to have a spooky event but with a twist“, Darkylicious reveals. „The new series of The Walking Dead is coming. We just had to do zombies! But I wanted more. I am a big fan of Wes Craven and his horror films. It was such a shock when he recently passed away. So I decided why not bring one of his best creation to life in Second Life, so to speak: his famous figure Fred Kruger.“ She laughs and adds: „I think it comes across as that well. At least, I hope.“
Interview: Totally Top Shelf
With so many events on the grid, it is a big challenge to bring originality, and to offer a theme which hasn’t been done yet, and where all designers can come up with an idea for an item. But since I have had the chance to visit the location already and could take a few sneak peeks of the upcoming offers, I am sure that people will like this round and its setting. Especially with activated windlights, the event location provides an atmosphere that indeed could give you some nightmares on the street. I myself felt like I have stumbled in the midth of an apocalypse. The set up of the event location was a joint effort by Darkylicious and her partner Jon. Jon, by the way, is currently also working on a gorean roleplay sim project. Of course, I had to take advantage of that by interviewing him about it so that I may introduce you to him with an upcoming interview within the next few days.
Interview: Totally Top Shelf
Darkylicious, Jon and Heatherfury are the hard working management team behind Totally Top Shelf. Their declared goal is to to make the event as fun as possible for everyone involved. „We work busy in the background to relieve the stress that can be caused in events. I myself believe it shouldn‘t be stressful but fun! Because if you have a real life job already you wouldn’t want to have a second one as soon as you log on.“ Another tool to support designers is Pinterest. „I have just recently started to use Pinterest. It helps a lot with themes as we can share ideas for inspiration. Its functionality is perfect for this purpose.“ They also ask their staff about their ideas and what they would like to see. Their xmas round which was like a seelie and unseelie court winter wonderland was actually a suggestion by one of their designers. „It made it a fantastic event! I really like to listen to our designers and bloggers, and to take their ideas on board.“

Totally Top Shelf has developed a lot within a year, and its popularity also shows in the number of designers and bloggers who regularly apply. I am curious what she would recommend on a personal level to people who would love to become a team member. „Have fun!“, she states first. „And don’t take things to heart if it doesn’t go the way you visioned. And always work well with the people you intend on working with.“ She points out again how important it is for her that it feels familiar for everyone: „I look at each and everyone in our event group as an individual, not as a number in a group. For me, it is a family.“
Interview: Totally Top Shelf
Last but not least, I have to ask her one last personal question: „What will be your costume for Halloween this year?“ Darkylicious bursts out in laughter: „Oh my God! I haven’t any ideas really. But…“, she then thinks out loud with a cheeky grin, „I was thinking of lots of liquid latex, special effects make up and black wear.“ We’re looking forward to that! A big thank you to Darkylicious for taking her time and telling us more about the Totally Top Shelf event.

All pictures were taken on the current event location of Totally Top Shelf.

Interview: Totally Top Shelf
At the end of the interview, Darkylicious (left) posed for a picture with me. Aren't we cute?

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Esmee. Pineapple tone (appliers: Lola's Tango, PhatAzz, SLink hands/feet)tyvm!
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands + SLink feet
BODY APPLIER: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Maitreya applier / SLink total body HUD: Pineapple tone tyvm!
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Temperance tyvm!
HAIR: Tableau Vivant Mikazuki
EYES: TrevaH Infected Eyes. Red @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies
EARS: [MANDALA] Steking Ears Season 5
TATTOO FACE / NECK: Suicide Gurls Bleak @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
TATTOO ARMS: [I<3F] Bloody Arms - free subscriber gift

EAR PLUGS / SEPTUM: Tabou Irresistible Bloody @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
CORSET / PANTS: LuLu Madmoiselle Fifi #2. Black Suede @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
BOOTS: SHEY Lace Master - free group gift / no fee

QweenB The BackStabber @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
Eternal Dream Survive Or Die @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!

Event Date: Oct 2 - 23

October 03, 2015

Witches Gathering

Witches Gathering


BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands/feet
HEAD / BODY APPLIER: Stargazer Creations Sairina Avatar. Forest tyvm!
HAIR W/HAT: Magika Sorcery - free subscriber gift (sent Oct 3)
EYES: irrisistible The Crow @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm! - part of a full avatar

DRESS / WINGS / CROW SHOULDER PET: Tayren's Fantasy Fashion Malise. black @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm!
SHOES: BOOM Ginchiest Creepers. tar checker - 75% off closing sale

POSES: Eternal Dream Survive Or Die @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!

Witches Gathering

Find Lilias Blog Post here!

SKIN: Essences Alice
MOUTH: Loud Mouth Fiona
HAIR: Truth Essena
EYES: Genesis Lab Demon @ The Fantasy Collective - free gift
EYELINER: Langly Eyeliner - free gift

HEADPIECE: ERSCH Die Schone Sterben. Red Rare 1 @ Fair Play: El Mundo
DRESS: Mistique Anshee. Red @ Fair Play: El Mundo

POSE: Axix Lady Crow


E.V.E DYSTOPIA Flowers @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm! - read more about it here!
E.V.E Waving Bioluminescent Fungus @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm! - read more about it here!

E.V.E-creator Noke herself wrote such amazing posts about her products, and I didn't want to sound like I was copying her. So please check out her blog!

Won't Bring Me Down

Won't Bring Me Down

HEAD: LeLutka Mesh Head Stella
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands
HEAD / BODY APPLIER: Lumae Niska - 4 - Peach // Sangria
HAIR W/SNAKE: Poison Ivy Isabeau @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum Fright Night. Red @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!

FACEBAND: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations {CHO} faceband. Crimson @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
DRESS: FDD Stories Audry. Fall Rare @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm! - Gacha

POSE: Eternal Dream Survive or Die. 03 @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!

Wind Rider

Wind Rider

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nuria. Taupe tone (appliers: Lola's Tango, PhatAzz, SLink hands/feet) tyvm!
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands/feet
BODY APPLIER: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Maitreya applier: Taupe tone tyvm!
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Temperance tyvm!
HAIR: pr!tty Sumi (fatpack) - free group gift / no fee
EYES: S0NG Runa. Green @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm!
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies

CHOKER: ChicChica Gretchen - free subscriber gift (sent Sep 5)
NECKLACES: Maxi Gossamer Jewelled Dragon's Egg
HEADWEAR / FEATHERS: Spyralle Wind Rider. Coromell tyvm!
DRESS: Spyralle Tarja. Teal @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm!

October 01, 2015

Like A Rising Phoenix

Like A Rising Phoenix

Totally Top Shelf is about to start its next round in a few hours only! It will run from Oct 2 until Oct 23. The sponsors of this round are  (in alphabetical order)  alterego, Bite & Claw, Chimeric Arts & Fashion, DAZED, Endless Pain Tattoos, FDD Stories, Fuubutsu Dou, Glitzz, Suicide Gurls and Tiar. The theme for this round is: Survive Or Die.

.^.:MA:.^. comes up with feather accessoires, and since I really love feathers, I just had to do this metaphorical interpretation of the Survive Or Die theme: If you die, rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes. Or, as in my interpretation: from the water that has purified your past.

HEAD: LeLutka Mesh Head Stella
HEAD APPLIER: Glam Affair Leda Applier. Petal. Ghot Party @ LeLutka - free gift in lipstick object on the table
BODY / BODY APPLIER: Maitreya Lara body/hands
HAIR: Lamb Wake Up - Gacha
EYES: Genesis Lab Demon @ The Fantasy Collective - free gift
TATTOO: White Widow Wild @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room - free group gift / no fee

WINGS: AITUI Mechanical Wings. Icarus Black - Gacha
MASK / COLLAR / PASTIES / ARMBANDS / BELT: .^.:MA:.^.  Crow. Black/Silver @ Totally Top Shelf tyvm! - Gacha
SKIRT: !gO! Drow Girl. Apron Black - Gacha

September 27, 2015

Getting Ready For Halloween @ Fair Play

Getting Ready For Halloween @ Fair Play

Fair Play reopens its doors on October 1st for a round where you can also find Halloween-inspired offers. And I have a sneak peek for you already, hooray! Also, keep an eye open because I will interview one of the designers next week to introduce you to this creator! :-)

By the way, have you ever googled why witches ride brooms? NSFW, I tell you! But very interesting... !

Getting Ready For Halloween @ Fair Play

HEAD / HEAD APPLIER: LeLutka Mesh Head Stella
BODY / BODY APPLIER: Maitreya Lara body
MAKE UP APPLIER: Jinx Dame du Corbeau soon @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm! - part of a full outfit
HAIR: Exile Sugar @ The Arcade Gacha - Gacha
EYES: Genesis Lab Demon @ The Fantasy Collective - free gift

ARM/LEG PIECES: aisling Morigan - Gacha
HALO: OtherSkin Time Out soon @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm! - hand of the watch can be turned on/off
OUTFIT: Mistique Anshe. Orange soon @ Fair Play: El Mundo tyvm!

TREES: Roawenwood Fantasy Oak Saplings Set tyvm! - with 7 foliage colors change HUD
TEARDROP HANGING CHAIR: DoggMata Elven Felegrea tyvm! - includes lay and sit poses
PUMPKIN W/BROOM: InFoco Halloween - dollarbie